Himalayan Institute Of Heritage And Cultural Studies

Website & Payment Gateway

The Requirement

Himalayan Institute Of Heritage And Cultural Studies (HICHS) is a company incorporated in India that is a part of the online education and Indian heritage exploration space. The company is run by Dr. Sonali Gupta LL.B., Ph.D. (UCLA), an anthropological archaeologist. Through HICHS, Dr. Sonali intends to educate both academicians and non-academicians about heritage, anthropology and archaeology. 

The requirement of HICHS was three fold: 

  • Website Development:
    The need was for a website which showcased the specialized courses offered by the company along with the skillset of the team and the other value added services of the company.
  • Payment Gateway
    The second most important thing for the company was setting up a payment mechanism which could be utilized both online and offline. The need of the payment gateway was also to accept international payments along with domestic (Indian) payments.
  • Website Analytics:
    For improved understanding of the target audience or visitors, they required a system which helped them with website visitor analysis and other information. The end goal of this was to better serve the visitors with what they want.

What We Did For Them

Researching client’s requirement:

ePrimacy had multiple discussions with the client to understand their required output. Based on this, we researched on the direct and indirect competitors, the target audience and the best way to engage & convert said audience to customers.

Identifying Website Platform:

Since the requirement was unique, we had to find the best platform which would better suit the customer’s requirement whilst keeping in mind future scalability and the existing requirement.

Finalizing Payment Platform:

The customers for HICHS are individuals who are from multiple countries and the payment would also have to include international methods. Since the company was registered recently, we finalized separate payment gateways for separate geographical audiences.

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