A Collaboration

To Metamorphize the World into One!

About Metamorphes

Metamorphes Foundation is a group of spirited veterans committed to bring about a positive change in society. Globalization, materialism and societal changes have resulted in erosion of some basic values and cultural traits that could harm the coming generations. Metamorphes is seized of these matters and endeavor to be the restitution catalysts and help the society metamorphose into being humane, valued and culturally strong.

Metamorphes is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization working as a catalyst to a better society by ensuring:

  • Inculcate pride in the nation by resurrecting patriotism.
  • Affirm the status of the Armed Forces as key contributors and influencers to National Policy, Strategy formulation and Nation building.
  • Endeavour to place the Armed Forces as a preferred service of pride and valour.


Veer Naari & Veterans Outreach

The end goal is to motivate all Veer Naaris, Veer Parivaars and Veterans to gain financial independence and provide them with all necessary support including financial counselling for future, job search based on aptitude and much more.

Ajit Bhandarkar Award

Selecting a student who would help projecting the image of ethical behavior in the school and s/he could be the brand ambassador recognised by his/her actions which would be emulated by students of younger classes.