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Top Email Marketing Tips 2022

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Marketing, over the recent years, has become one of the most prominent departments within an organization. Today, marketers are becoming an essential part of the decision-making process for all business categories. The increasing requirement for effective marketing is one of the prime reasons behind the introduction of various marketing channels, tools, and techniques. However, even with the addition of new-age marketing mediums, one traditional channel that still promises visible results is email marketing.

About Email Marketing

Back in the 1970s, the first ever marketing email was sent by a marketing executive who wanted to spread awareness about his products. There has been ample speculation regarding the effectiveness of marketing emails in today’s social media-driven world. However, on the contrary, multiple businesses saw an unexpected growth in their ROI with the use of email marketing alone during the outbreak of the global pandemic. This significantly changed the popularity of this traditional marketing channel and is one of the main reasons why it is still so commonly used for marketing targets.

Let us look at some of the promising statistics to further solidify the need and effectiveness of email marketing below.

Important Statistics

According to global statistics, at present over 4 billion email users are active daily exchanging over 306 billion emails. In addition to that, approximately 77% of the current marketers have witnessed significant growth in their engagement rate on emails. As per experts, one of the most effective strategies for email marketing is subscriber segmentation which increases the conversion rate by almost double when done for specific campaigns.

Currently, on average almost 33% of marketers send emails weekly and as of this year, the revenue for email marketing is set to witness immense growth and reach an estimated value of 11 billion by 2023 end. For 64% of small businesses, email marketing has been an effective choice to reach their target audience. For B2B, marketers believe content marketing through email newsletters is the most common strategy with over 81% of businesses implementing it currently. Additionally, according to market research, the highest click-through rate is witnessed by emails sent for new launches and feature updates for products.

Top 8 Email Marketing Tips 2022

Keeping these statistics in mind, let us dive into the top email marketing tips for 2022 below to know how to use email marketing for your brand successfully.

#1 Move over just Name Personalization

Personalization of emails is always considered necessary to engage the customers. However, name personalization alone no longer cuts it and you need to change the way you interact on emails for conversions. According to research, 72% of customers today prefer emails that target them personally. One way to do so is by researching customer group-specific details like pain points, trends, etc., and incorporating them in your email copy for a maximum scope of interaction and conversion.

#2 Incorporate UGC

One of the easiest ways to increase conversions on emails is by incorporating user-generated content (UGC). UGC is also effective in building an instant trust relationship with a brand as it comes from existing customers and validates all possible doubts of the new customers. For example, using customer testimonials, product ratings, customer images, reviews, etc., is part of UGC. It encourages new customers to close the sale, directly increasing your company’s ROI significantly.

#3 Be Minimalistic (Less is more)

The attention span of the population today along with the endless emails they receive is one of the prime reasons why your emails might get unnoticed. To change that, the best way to construct your email is by using minimal information in simple language. This will increase the readability rate of emails and also encourage customers to interact with the email.

#4 Make it Mobile Friendly

Instead of just focussing on the content you put across in emails, it is also necessary to spend time planning the placement of content in emails to ensure it can easily be viewed on multiple devices. Mobile is the most commonly used device by the population today and so prioritizing the email body for mobile is the way to go forward.

#5 Micro-segmentation for the Win

Segmentation based on demographics and customer psychology is a common practice for all marketing mediums. However, for 2022, the need of the hour is to further narrow down segmentation for email marketing to increase conversions. Micro-segmentation in terms of specific customer behavioral data, personality traits, location, etc., can greatly impact the email conversion rate.

#6 Use AI

The newest game changer for marketing is artificial intelligence. One of the biggest advantages of artificial intelligence is its ability to translate data into useful customer reports. Using AI for email marketing can derive visible results from the get-go. You can use AI to optimize the send time for emails, different category analytics based on customers, manage email campaigns, and much more.

#7 Focus on Landing Page

Every email is required to end with a potential CTA to allow the interested customers to explore more about your brand and what you offer. However, as important as the CTA is another element i.e. landing page. It is key to conversion if a customer moves to your desired landing page after the email and so designing it well for a seamless experience can change the way your marketing strategies work for better results.

#8 Scope of Interaction

With the increasing competition in the market, it has become crucial for marketers to change the way they interact through emails to attract and sustain the attention of potential customers. Additions like GIFs, images with effects, sounds, elements of gamification, and an interesting CTA can easily do the job.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is safe to assume that all marketing strategies directly depend on the customers today to show them only what they want to see. Customer-centric email marketing strategies can increase your brand awareness and trust significantly, without changing many elements.

Keeping the emails simple and precise will motivate the customers to explore more and book the purchase. 93% of the marketing experts of B2B believe email marketing personalization has a direct impact on revenue and profits. So, change the way you put out content through emails and see the change your business witnesses shortly.

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