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Top Website Development Platforms in 2022

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The current digital era demands constant revamping in terms of tools and techniques that are utilized to build an online presence to change the way businesses interact with their customers virtually. Out of all the mediums available for building an online presence, an effective website can be nominated as the top digital medium that can make or break a brand’s online reputation.

At present, there are approximately 1.8 billion active websites on the internet with an average of 2 billion users that actively interact online, highlighting the need to stand out to attract the right pool of target audience towards your brand. Google is the top choice globally for searches with over 86.9 billion visits every month. On the other hand, Amazon is ruling the market in e-commerce sites with a minimum of 2.45 billion visits every month. Do you wish to create a unique website for your business? Keep reading to know the right way to begin.

Before we jump into the top website development platforms today, let us quickly take a look at some interesting statistics for website development and the reasons why visitors leave a website midway below.


  • According to online research, a user spends a maximum of 0.5-0.7 seconds to form an opinion on the website on display.
  • At least 50% of the users with a smartphone visit the mobile website versions to interact and purchase from a brand.
  • The proposed growth rate is 8% for jobs in web development by 2029 from 2019, indicating the growing job demand for this role.
  • Out of all the different aspects and elements of a website, 50% of the current users or consumers put their money on website design as the most crucial aspect for any brand.
  • In addition to that, another 60% of the current consumers chose website usability as the most important characteristic of website design.
  • When it comes to whitespace on the website, only 7-8% of users end up noticing this issue as it is not that evident.
  • Currently, almost 23% of the small businesses do not have an active website, restricting sales by a large margin.
  • Out of all the small businesses globally, a minimum of 23% do not know how to create a successful website for their brand.

Why Do Visitors Leave Your Website?

Most times, there is always a valid reason for the visitors to leave the website without reading the intended landing page. According to market research, these are some of the top-ranked reasons why visitors leave.

  1. High load time with a weightage of 88.50%
  2. Slow responsiveness with a weightage of 73.10%
  3. Confusion in navigation path with a weightage of 61.50%
  4. Poor website design elements with a weightage of 38.50%
  5. Poor content layout with a weightage of 34.60%
  6. Interrupted or inconsistent use of audio or video with a weightage of 3.80%

Now that we have ample information regarding the kind of needs of the current population when it comes to a brand website, let us discuss in detail the top website development platforms in 2022 below.

Top Website Development Platforms in 2022

Making a website has never been easier with the latest platforms available that allow you to build it as per your requirements without much hassle. The right kind of website should take your customers through a journey that motivates them to interact with your brand and close purchase. The best characteristics to look for in any website development platform include easy customizations and quick adoption.

Let us now understand the top website development platforms in 2022 that can help you with the same.

#1 WordPress

A global favorite, WordPress currently is a power base for over ⅓ of the websites available around the world. It is a complete site-building package that allows you to develop your website and also acts as a complete content management system. You do not need any prior experience to make a website on this platform and the top features include:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install create and modify free of cost
  • Top features available for website creation
  • WordPress directory with multiple plugins available
  • High mobile responsiveness

#2 Zyro

If you are looking for a low-cost solution for website development, Zyro should be at the top of your list. This website development platform is designed to allow everyone to make and update their websites as per requirements without much hassle. The top features of this platform include:

  • Low and affordable costing plans
  • Drag, drop, and click feature for easy development
  • No prior experience is needed to explore
  • Free trial available
  • Appropriate for first-timers
  • 148 ready-to-use templates are available

#3 Wix

Wix has been a popular choice for many years now. Especially for first-timers or small businesses, Wix has proved its efficiency and effectiveness time and again. It has multiple in-built tools that help you understand your needs better before you begin customization for your website. The top features include the following:

  • AI-assisted model
  • Helps understand what you might need
  • Wide selection of unique themes to choose from
  • User-friendly
  • Great revenue stream

#4 Squarespace

Many experts believe Squarespace to be an all-in-one management system for content and not just a website building platform. It offers a variety of professional-looking templates for you to begin with and allows you to explore as many customizations as possible as per your needs. The top features include:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Affordable
  • SSL is included
  • Built-in features for SEO
  • Integration of social accounts on the website available

#5 Weebly

A new name yet out-of-the-box platform for website development is Weebly. It is highly flexible and is part of the family where Squarespace and Wix belong. Weebly is more useful for solopreneurs who wish to develop an online presence and convert their services to sales all online. It requires minimal time for set-up and allows you to choose what you want with an easy-to-add and edit feature. The other top features include:

  • Recommended visual builder for website
  • Offers multiple SEO tools
  • Offers easy integration for various payment options
  • Ideal for freelancers and solopreneurs launching their services online
  • Offers an intuitive process for website creation

#6 GoDaddy

One of the most popular names in website development is GoDaddy. From being known as the platform with a solid domain, GoDaddy also offers a wide variety of hosting services to make the process of website development straightforward for you. You can experiment with any category of the website with endless customizations on GoDaddy. The top features include:

  • Top rated for creation of mobile-friendly websites
  • Less time-consuming
  • Editor feature which is easy to use
  • Highly recommended for short-term and minimal website development
  • Multiple tools available

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is important to reinstate the need for an active website for your brand or personal branding today, given the increasing inclination to complete digitization approaching soon. You do not necessarily have to complete a degree in coding and development to be able to build yourself a successful website. The only requirements, however, include knowledge of what you want and what your target audience interacts with, the right tools and platforms to use, market research, and patience to see positive results. Make use of the above-mentioned readily available platforms for website development and give your brand an edge over the competitors. Just remember, the key focus should be customer mindset.

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