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5 Best Social Media Management Tools Compared (2022)

As per the marketing requirements and deliverables today, social media is the prime source of attracting revenue for the majority of the businesses and industries today, given the online social community of over 3.5 active billion users globally. Whether it be a small business, a multinational company, or even a content creator, efficient social media management is a must.

The main intention of social media is to maximize reach with minimal hassle. As a social media manager or executive, it is important to be well aware of the tools and technologies available in 2021 that can effectively reduce the manual interference in managing different social media profiles for multiple clients. For all the trending social handles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, none of these platforms work in sync with one another as each platform requires an individual strategy.

Along with this, there is also an evident gap in the peak posting time schedules for each of these social handles to get the best results for the customers. Now, managing the entire social media marketing from strategizing to planning and then finally executing can get difficult. However,  the technological advancements and the openness to adapt to positive changes in the working environment today have increased the awareness around multiple social media management tools. 

The Increasing Demand in The Market

The gap in the market between the effort required for social media management and the limitation of minimal resources encouraged the current growth and supply of a range of unique social media management tools. Additionally, the pressure for content creators, to manage the content creation part and then shift the focus to timely scheduling all alone, further pushed the urgency for tools that can ease off the burden from all social media managers, bloggers, content creators, and so on.

At the surface level, the key responsibilities of a social media manager are to create the content, finalize the copies, decide a scheduling timetable for each individual social media handle, and also keep a check on the engagement insights of the audience. A social media management tool is thus designed with the intention to help with all these concerns, to make the overall social media management role an easier job responsibility, with maximum returns.

Top Social Media Management Tool 2021

All different social media management tools have individual benefits and unique selling qualities that stand out to the customers and thus prove to be an important investment for both short-term and long-term goals for a business. However, it is crucial to decide on a social media management tool on the basis of the business nature, the demographics of the target audience, and the main intention behind the adoption of a social media management tool.

Moreover, the decision of whether to invest in a social media management tool or not is directly dependent on the additional features it offers that can contribute to the overall operational efficiency of a business or individual. Let us look at the top management tools for social media for 2021 below. 


Buffer is one of the most popular social media management tools that, along with paid subscriptions, also comes with a forever free plan. Under this free plan, you can manage three different social media platforms with basic resources like landing page builder and publishing tools with up to 10 posts per social content calendar. It is therefore known to be a good social media management tool for anyone who is starting new. 


HubSpot, as a social media management tool, comes with an inbuilt feature of issue identification, without any extra effort. From duplication of posts to crossing the minimum character limit for Twitter, it recognizes and minimizes the error margin by a great percent. Moreover, like most social media management tools, you can bulk schedule in advance to save your time for monthly planning and scheduling. 


CoSchedule, known as one of the most popular names in the social media management tools list, is designed to help marketers schedule, organize and create a complete marketing calendar. Along with support for all social platforms, you can also benefit from email solutions and a variety of different content tools, especially for blogging. If you are not sure about this tool, you can also try their 14 days free trial period to understand how it works before paying the monthly subscription fee, which depends on your business needs and requirements. 


HootSuite, as a one-stop solution for all things social media around the world, is also recognized to be one of the very few social media tools that offer support for over 35 different social platforms. The best part about this social media management tool is the ease of accessibility for better team collaboration with the simple mechanism of permission as per level.  From complete performance metrics along with keywords and hashtags research, you can do it all for a monthly fee of $29 per user. For anyone who wishes to experiment, you can try the free 30 day trial period to gather the basic know-how of this social media tool before investing your money. 


Sendible, as a social media management tool, comes with an inbuilt CRM integration to allow a more efficient overall operational management for a business. Along with scheduling posts, creating reports, and gathering essential analytics, you can also benefit from unique platforms like Canva, which is well integrated with this social media management tool. One unique feature about this tool is the “priority inbox”, which allows you to distinguish between the important news and information per platform, all from a single dashboard. Try this social media management tool free of cost for 30 days, and only invest in the tool once you are comfortable and the tool is in sync with your requirements. 

Comparative Study of 5 Trending Social Media Management Tools 2022

Free Trial Period14 days14 days14 days30 days30 days
Free Version AvailabilityYesNoNoYesNo
Monthly Fee$15$800  (all-inclusive  Marketing)$9$29-$599$29-$299
Number of  Social Profiles Allowed8Unlimited1010Unlimited
Tracking, Reporting & AnalyticsYesYesYesYesYes
Post BoostsNoYesNoYesNo
Support Options, if anyLive chat, Email, Phone, ForumsLive chat,  Email, Phone, ForumsLive chat & ForumsLive chat,  Email, Phone, ForumsPhone & Online
Reel Postings (Insta/Fb)NoNoNoNoNo
Video SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Number of Posts per month100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tagging OptionYesYesYesYesYes

Final Verdict

The dependence on social media platforms today has actively contributed to the increasing supply of a range of social media management tools, divided on the basis of business sizes, nature of the product or service, etc. However, the final decision of which social media management tool to adopt in 2021 relies completely on the list of requirements of a particular business. This is essential as not completing research before investing in a social media management tool can not only add up costs for your business but also fail the purpose behind the investment.

Therefore, if you are looking for a social media management tool to experiment with, opt for the tools that offer free versions of a minimum of 14 to 15 days trial period to help you gain hands-on experience. You can easily switch between different social media management tools like the top five mentioned above to explore all of them before putting your final bid on one of these tools. The end goal is to ease the burden of manual posting and increase the level of audience insights, analysis, and reports that you receive for each social media platform, all in one go. This is important as it will not only improve your planning capabilities but also streamline the operational efficiency for all the departments within a business vertical.

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